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Federal Judge Blocks Venice Boardwalk Lottery-Style Permit System
Supporters of the system now worry about chaos and confusion on the boardwalk
U.S. District Judge Dean D. Pregerson blocked parts of an ordinance that regulates performances and vendors on the boardwalk in Venice Beach.
The LA Times reports that the injunction, issued last week, says the lottery system for assigning permits is in violation of the 1st Amendment.
The original ordinance in 2008 required performers and vendors to obtain permits to bring their business to the boardwalk. Permits were granted through a lottery system held between Memorial Day and Nov. 1.
Pregerson handed out a 27-page ruling that, among other things, said, “there is no explanation as to why this system manages conflicting claims to limited space any more effectively than a simple first-come-first-served rule.”

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Complaints from residents and business owners that “unregulated vending affected the character, safety and economic vitality of the boardwalk” first prompted the ordinance to be passed.
David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg, a street performer who opposes the ordinance, says it’s wrong to pay a permit fee for free speech.
Past president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce and owner of the Venice Beach Suites & Hotel Andy Layman said that since the implementation of the lottery system, vendors selling manufactured goods have taken up space and consequently not allowed favorites such as craftsmen and entertainers space to perform.
However, some vendors support the ordinance saying that it provided organization to the boardwalk. Without it, they say, there will just be chaos with everyone clamoring for spots.
Pregerson also revoked a Los Angeles City Council rule, which prohibited use of musical instruments or amplified noise between 9 a.m. and sunset in certain areas.


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