Tribute In Light, A World Trade Center Twin Towers 9/11 Memorial

A test run of the annual “Tribute in Light” display, commemorating the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, drew crowds to the Brooklyn waterfront Saturday.
The Tribute in Light began as a temporary installation in 2002 to honor the fallen at the World Trade Center site, and has continued as an annual tradition on the anniversary.

When the towers fell 10 years ago, Brooklyn Heights resident Roberta Weisbrod could barely stand to walk along the promenade, but the annual “Tribute in Light” brings her back and comforts her.

“It’s moving, its beautiful, we look forward to it, its something very special,” Weisbrod said.

People got to see a small preview of the tribute Saturday night. Crews have been prepping for the past 10 days, setting up 88 lights that can be seen from as far as 60 miles away.

“People make it what they want it to be for themselves and so it can be a remembrance, it can be a commemoration, it can be mourning, I know that lots of people as time go by find it comforting,” said “Tribute in Light” Producer Michael Ahern.

The tribute will be in full effect at dusk on Sunday, September 11, and will stay on until dawn Monday morning.

“This right here makes me think of how it goes up to heaven and how it joins the people down here and the people who died on 9/11 and it joins them together and I think it just respects everyone who was part of 9/11,” said one onlooker.

“It’s a tribute and a reminder don’t forget and I think the beauty behind it is you don’t want to forget all those lives that were lost,” said another.

The tribute is presented by the Municipal Art Society. But officials there say the funding runs out after this year’s remembrance. Onlookers who spoke with NY1 say the lights are worth keeping for many years to come.

“This has got to be one of the more moving tributes I think. Obviously been going on since sort of the towers collapsed and I think it would be a shame if they didn’t find a way to incorporate it into the permanent memorial,” said one onlooker.

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