Gang Shooting On Ocean Front Walk@ venice beach Leaves 2 Wounded.

The victims are affiliated with the 18th St. gang, and the shooters are alleged to be with an unknown faction of the Bloods. Victim with graze wound to arm is being released from hospital. The good news is Big Daddy’s pizza is riddled with high-end security cameras. They are working with LAPD now to supply the footage from the time of the event. The suspects, male blacks, were reported to have fled north on the sand…but they apparently came down Ocean Front Walk.
Just after 6 p.m. gunshots rang out by the skate park in a gang related shooting. Two male Hispanics were wounded. One with multiple shots in the back, the other to his upper arm. Witnesses say that two men walked up to them and said that glorious question: “Where you from” , and the gunfire ensued. One male suffered multiple gunshots to his back, while the other was struck by a stray bullet to the arm. The male with the arm wound fled the scene but collapsed by Bank of America. Both were taken to local hospitals and they are expected to recover from their wounds.
A woman at the scene was concerned it may have been her son. She said her that her other son was shot and killed in the same spot 11 years earlier. We walked her over to the Sergeant to find out. It was her son.
A transient on scene said before the shots rang out the suspects said, “Get down, shit is getting ready to go down.”
9mm shell casings littered the scene. No suspects in custody.

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