420 day Cali4fornia Medical Board raided Venice beach marijuana dispensaries

government agency was executing some kind of search warrant at Medical Kush Doctor and Medical Kush Beach Club in Venice LA law enforcement including the state police Sheriff and LAPD raided the Kush House and other Ocean Front Walk marijuana dispensaries serving search warrants and closing the facilities for the day.
The attorney for Kush, their PR and videographers were on OFW trying to get answers on the day which is hailed as a day to “smoke out”.we go inside after cops do there thing

Tommy Chong, Rob Van Dam Seek to Free Kush With New Documentary Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club

VENICE BEACH, Calif., April 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The Venice Beach boardwalk used to be home to two of the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensaries. Each dispensary operated legally and together they serviced over one hundred thousand patients monthly. In 2011 they were unlawfully searched and seized by the California state medical board which means that there will never again be a dispensary anywhere near California’s beautiful beaches. “The way by which the medical board raided this dispensary is completely unlawful,” says lawyer Joeseph Walsh.
In 2006, Sean Kush opened the Medical Kush Beach Club right across from Venice Beach boardwalk’s iconic Muscle Beach and it quickly became the biggest dispensary in the state moving over 4 pounds of medical marijuana a day. “I wanted to create an atmosphere where patients could medicate and be uplifted at the same time. So it made sense to have it on the beach” says owner Sean Kush.
During his time managing the dispensary Kush became good friends with TNA Wrestling Superstar Rob Van Dam and Industry Icon Tommy Chong. “Sean Kush was ahead of his time, sort of like I was” says Tommy Chong who is now Executive Producer with Rob Van Dam on the feature length documentary titled “Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club”.
“We need people like Sean Kush to help inspire conversation about the positive effects medical marijuana has on patients that far outweigh the benefits and negative side effects of similar prescription drugs,” says Director Reed Lucas. “This documentary shows what it is like to be an owner of a dispensary and how many people this amazing weed helps”
The documentary shows how Kush’s philosophy of providing a positive and enlightening place for patients to medicate in his smoking lounge and hash bar did not sit well with state officials who failed to recognize the laws passed by California voters. He had over 35 employees and ran his business by the ever-changing book of laws constantly being revised by California bureaucrats making it very difficult for him along with other dispensary owners to keep up.
On April 20, 2011 the medical board raided Kush and the medical Kush Beach Club. The search warrant they used to force their way in was actually issued to search a neighboring business “The Medical Kush Doctor” which rented the unit below his business.
After the daylong seizure no charges were filed and they were told they could reopen the next day. With no computers or POS systems, over 50 pounds of medicine seized and over 1 million dollars worth of equipment and personal items gone Kush was left wondering, “what just happened?” He tried his best to recuperate and was able to operate for another few months but then he decided the risk was too great and he closed his doors for good in June 2011.
Since then Kush has been charged with and plead not guilty to 12 felony counts that include conspiracy and illegal distribution of marijuana. Many people in the industry believe it was Kush’s vocal nature, which made him a target for law enforcement. He will be in court again on April 19th where the Judge decides whether the charges are valid or if the case should be thrown out. Of course cameras will be there to document the struggle of a person who merely wanted to help sick people feel better.
Producer Casey Casseday (The Green Rush) and director Reed Lucas (Hashbar TV) are excited to announce the documentary is an official selection in the Catalina Film Festival and will be on display May 5th at 12:00pm.
To finish their documentary, the team has turned to the popular fundraising website Kickstarter.com to raise the final $20,000.00 needed to complete the film. “We would hope all people who believe they have the right to medicate how they see fit would support this film so that we can get beyond this unlawful attack on owners of these legal dispensary operations, “says director Reed Lucas.
Backers of the documentary will receive incentives that include autographed items from Rob Van Dam and Tommy Chong as well as a chance to attend a special screening of the completed film with the films producers.
“We hope that people will back our project because they believe in patient’s rights. If they do they will receive some really cool items from these big stars” Says Reed Lucas.

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