3/24 #LetFreedomSpring Anti-Police Brutality March, Live Updates

by OccupyWallSt

Today, we take direct action against the NYPD. They have spied on us, they have assaulted us, they have kidnapped us from the streets without cause or charge. We, the 99% of people who will no longer be silent have chosen to make our voices heard. Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, we, the people have decided you no longer have a job. Any acts of brutality you order today will only serve as further evidence of your misconduct.
3/24 Live Updates

12:27 AM: Bloomberg’s private army (formerly known as the NYPD) is now using barricades as weapons against unarmed people.

12:22 AM: People’s victory march has begun, leaving Union Square.

12:19 AM: Former officers of the NYPD, feel famous now. You have just brought about New York’s Tahrir Square moment. By directly assaulting the people, you have surrendered your legitimacy. Occupiers, celebrate. We’ve won.

12:14 AM: The NYPD has begun rioting in the area surrounding Union square, leaving people feeling unsafe in their persons and possessions.

12:12 AM: An armed gang is currently kidnapping people from the street in Union Square.

12:08 AM: Definition of terrorism: The illegal use of force to achieve political goals. NYPD, you have crossed the line from law enforcement organization to becoming a terrorist faction.

12:05 AM: Barricades have been illegally erected in our park. They’re in the way of public use of the public’s park. They’d look a lot better on their sides.

12:03 AM: Occupiers asking who they are protecting. Bloomberg’s private army refuses to answer Withdraw. Now.

12:02 AM: Occupiers resisting armed gang attempting to steal the people’s park. Gang ringleader shouting on megaphone without a sound permit that the “park is closed”. Stop lying.

12:01 AM: Occupiers making a stand, chanting “make a move!”

12:00 AM: NYPD goon on megaphone: No, the park is not closed. We did not close it. You will leave, or face eviction from the people’s park. Immediately.

11:56 PM: NYPD officers entering the people’s Union Square park. Prepare to defend yourselves against gang assault, occupiers.

11:45 PM: Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, did you think I went to sleep or something? Reports coming from the ground that you have doubled the armed gang’s presence on the ground. Remember, you currently carry the legitimacy of an armed gang of violent criminals. Assault the people, and don’t expect us to simply accept your violent terrorism anymore.

5:28 PM: Before I forget it, this message is directed straight at former Commisioner Ray Kelly. I know you read these. I know you will read this message. I have seen the NYPD react when I have warned it about its actions before. That park, Union Square is owned by the people and paid for by our tax dollars. Sanitation department is a service, which we may CHOOSE to use or not. Union square is our park, and neither you nor anyone else will take it from us. Read my lips: NO NEW BARRICADES. Tonight, your charade ends.

5:26 PM: Streams are down again. So, while we wait for more news or better streams, remember this picture? Get me the names and badges of those officers, preferably by picture. I know you guys got it, I see at least ten cameras in that picture.

4:47 PM: Let this message stand as a warning to the NYPD. The government IS the people. The property of the government is the collective property of the people. Under the Fourth Amendment, you are not authorized to prevent any person from access to their property. We own the very streets and sidewalks and parks you attempt to “clean” of our presence. You are nothing more than a rogue, armed militia which stands in violation of the law, and you will be dealt with when you attempt to prevent us from the use of our own property.

4:45 PM: Various working groups giving orientation in Union Square. I am receiving reports that the park can no longer hold all the occupiers, that they are overflowing into the streets surrounding. What a thing to come back to. Some of you may have noticed a change in language and tone. We have a second editor! This way, it is less likely that when I have problems, the live updates go silent.

3:58 PM: Direct Action working group about to meet behind OWS banner in Union Square. General Assembly also about to begin with info about different working groups and projects for folks to get involved with, NLG says arrestees were most likely taken to the 7th Precinct.

3:41 PM: Arriving at Union Square, police helicopter overhead. How much money and resources is the racist NYPD wasting on brutalizing a peaceful protest? Chants: ¨Justice for Trayvon,¨ ¨No justice no peace, no racist police,¨ ¨All day all week Occupy all streets!¨

3:30 PM: March at Astor, heading toward Union Square. Cops have a ton of zip-ties, looking like they´re prepared to arrest a lot of people. Huge numbers of police walking in the street alongside the march on the sidewalk at Broadway/11th St. Folks on the ground, be safe! Stay together!

3:21 PM: March takes the street at 4th and Broadway.

3:14 PM: Just witnessed another completely unprovoked arrest. Cops grabbed a random person from the crowd, threw them to the ground for NO reason. They´re just grabbing anyone they can. Many people are confronting NYPD for their earlier assault of 16 y/o girl.

3:05 PM: Arrest count possibly as high as 9-10. Chant: “This! Is! A peaceful protest! Cops! Are! A violent army!”

2:55 PM: 5th arrest reported, possibly more, near Mott and Spring. Police currently swarming the area. One young woman seen being carried away on a stretcher, believed injured by NYPD. Peaceful protesters thrown to the ground, reports on Twitter that mace has been deployed. March headed north. One 16 year-old grabbed by 5 police while alone on the sidewalk, thrown around and some clothes ripped off before being placed in handcuffs. She was carried off by shoulders and legs while crying. This is unacceptable!

2:47 PM: March near Spring and Mulberry. Cops have shut down the street, not even letting tourists pass now.

2:39 PM: Switched to a more reliable stream. At least three people arrested near intersection of Grand and Broadway after march takes the street, another arrest on Canal.

1:54 PM: Stream has stalled, last I heard was someone claiming that it is somehow illegal to photograph a building. Excuse me? If it is in public, it has no reasonable expectation of privacy. Remember, whoever it is saying that, that you are in violation of NYPD policy if you in any way attempt to prevent the free flow of information.

1:49 PM: March size is estimated between 750-100. Some saying as low as 400. People on police scanners, listen for crowd estimates!

1:43 PM: Officer who asked the front of the march where they want to go, good job on that one. Thank you for respecting our right to assemble freely on public land.

1:41 PM: NYCLU observer seen present.

1:31 PM: Current chant: “Get those animals off those horses, get those pigs off the horses”.

1:29 PM: NYPD has illegally stopped all traffic to the Brooklyn Bridge.

1:26 PM: Five mounted NYPD have taken the street, blocking traffic unlawfully.

1:25 PM: Sarcastic chant is “Ray Kelly, he’s our man! If he can’t do it nobody can!”

1:23 PM: March is near Pace University, Tim says it might be going to 1 Police Plaza, NYPD HQ.

1:22 PM: Current chant: Na na na na, na na na na , Ray Kelly, Goodbye!”

1:20 PM: Current chant: “Wall Street Wall Street take a hike! Now it’s time for general strike!” Variations, swap “Wall Street” for “NYPD”.

1:19 PM: Hipster Cop has greeted Tim with “Hey Mr. Pool, what’s up?”

1:17 PM: Current chant: “No justice? NO PEACE!” March has reached City Hall Park on Broadway.

1:15 PM: Tim has again rejoined the march, current chant is “Get up! Get down! There’s revolution is this town!”

1:13 PM: Can someone please just give Tim an umbrella? He’s back in Staples while there’s a revolution going on outside.

1:12 PM: Tim has returned to the march.

1:11 PM: Courtesy of Tim Pool, we now know the Broadway Staples does not have umbrellas.

1:10 PM: Tim, the current streamer has…run a block ahead of the march to buy an umbrella at Staples? It’s going to rain? Can someone confirm this? For now let’s all watch Tim Pool shop at Staples?

1:09 PM: March is proceeding north on Broadway from Liberty Park.

1:08 PM: Current chant: “1! We are the people! 2! We are united! 3! This occupation is NOT LEAVING!”

1:07 PM: Current chant: “We! Are! Unstoppable! Another world is possible!”

1:06 PM: Current chant is “Hey hey! Ho ho! Ray Kelly’s got to go!”

12:59 PM: March has begun, banner seen which reads “VIOLENCE WILL NOT SILENCE US”. Indeed it won’t. Violence by the state only makes our message louder.

12:57 PM: 99th Precinct now kicklining together.

12:56 PM: Hilarious group dressed up as mock NYPD jokingly riding bikes through the park chanting “We are the 99th precinct”.

12:55 PM: Al Jazeera truck spotted at Liberty Square.

12:53 PM: Taped off areas are apparently for maintenance crews relaying bricks.

12:44 PM: Occupiers chanting “Ray Kelly has got to go!” Now, “Police state, has to go!”. March begins in 10 minutes, starting from Liberty Park.

12:36 PM: Former NYPD commissioner’s crimes and misactions are being listed in Liberty Square.

12:16 PM: Large numbers seen in Liberty, large numbers already in Union Square by report from people on the ground. Parts of Liberty are unexplainably taped off. What’s wrong NYPD, worried we might grow bigger than you are? Here’s a tip. We are the people. We’ve always been bigger than you are. We are the source of your power.

12:12 PM: Please excuse me for a bit while I go get a celebratory soda. Timcast just went live in Liberty Park. Embedding now.

12:11 PM: March is still inside Union Square, Park Service is trying to “break up whatever they can”. Awaiting details on exactly what that means. The source who gave me that is indicating there has been no force used since the yoga person.

11:50 AM: I am getting word that a man doing yoga was arrested for resisting arrest. Silly NYPD, you need a charge before you can arrest someone. You can’t “resist” an arrest with no charge. You can resist a kidnapping though, and you’re legally required to assist him.

11:49 AM: I really need a stream of the events as they unfold. Also, texting me updates works well too.

11:35 AM: Welcome again.

3/24 NYPD criminal roll call

Welch, 7382, assaulted, kidnapped man doing yoga for resisting “arrest”.
3/22 NYPD criminal roll call

Harris, 768, Grabbed young woman’s arm, roughly shoved citizen.
Costanzo, 2760, Intimidated press against orders and law.
Jurs, 453, Baton out intimidating peaceful demonstrators.

Frank Balluzzi, Forcibly dismantled sign, stealing the voice of human beings. In doing so, invalidated any employment contract he has with the NYPD.

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